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EL SAMPO Digital.



Home of the 'Bollocks, She Wrote', 'Bullshit, She wrote' and Captain Haddock T-shirts plus other, fantastic as usual, shirts.

I also do heat pressing graphics on work clothes as well.

image:anchor-tshirt-blue-elsampofi.png image:arsyttava-tpaita-musta-elsampofi.png image:bollocksshewrote-tshirt-black-white.png image:bullshitshewrote-tshirt-black-white.png image:heyfuckface-tshirt-black-on-orange-elsampofi.png image:heyfuckface-tshirt-white-on-orange-elsampofi.png image:irritating-tshirt-orange-elsampofi.png